纽约assignment代写 家庭作业

2020-12-25 23:24

纽约assignment代写 家庭作业
    Although some may say homework improves one’s academic performance, the time students spend with family and friends is decreasing because of homework. Homework affects family meal time, family vacations, down time, free time, and intrudes on weekends. Eating with family members is a valuable thing. It is a time one can share their day with their family. Not as many families eat together because of homework (Rosenberg). Families want to take vacations, but they aren’t able to because students can’t miss school, or they will get even more behind on homework. Parents are very busy with work, so they value family time. Kids never have that extra time though because of all their homework (Rosenberg). A lot of teachers think it is a good idea to give homework over the weekend so students have a lot of time to work on it. NO! Weekends are suppose to be a time for students to hang with friends and go to the movies or go visit their grandparents. Students’ brains need a break. Instead, students have to worry about studying and finishing their worksheets. They don’t have time to go out and meet new people either. Nothing is more important than family and friends. Sadly, schools have made homework a priority over family and friends. Getting rid of homework would allow students to strengthen their bonds with family and friends.In the end, homework should be eliminated in all the schools in the United States because students are not able to get as involved in extracurricular activities because of homework. Homework also causes kids to be very stressed. While some may say homework improves one’s academic performance, it decreases the amount of time students get to spend with their family and friends. If we do not abolish homework, students lives will continue to be affected negatively. We want everyone to have the best life possible. To start they need to eliminate homework from students lives.
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