北美俄亥俄作业代写 警察信任

2020-03-14 10:48

巡逻任务在警察工作中是很重要的,因为它获得了邻居的信任,警察被派去监督。费城警察局进行的一项研究表明,女性警官在执行巡逻任务时不如男性警官出色(Cox 319)。如果警察能让市民信任他们,他们就会更有效率,因为市民会更愿意提供有助于调查的信息,并帮助保持社区的安全。警察部门要求所有的警官都要符合一个标准才能为他们工作。警察必须身体健康,才能在外地执行职务。有时罪犯刚犯了罪就逃跑。军官们必须通过学院的体能测试。英格兰和威尔士的警方表示,在完成测试的13024名警官中,有353名未能通过测试。失败的人中有近70%是女军官(埃文斯)。保持良好的体型和健康的身体向其他警员表明,一旦接到电话,他们就准备好出发了。当警察进入危险的环境时,他们必须互相信任。当情况变得暴力时,一些男性警官不愿让女性警官掩护他们。一些男性警官认为他们必须保护女性警官,这可能会导致他们两人都受到伤害。1980年,一名男性军官曾说过这样的话:“我想要一个能支持我的人……我不想要一个我必须支持的人(威尔斯47)”。有时需要体力,但警察必须尽一切可能不诉诸暴力。如果在对峙过程中出现暴力事件,并且该警官在该事件中使用了过多的武力,那么该警官可以被释放。在没有必要的情况下,警察部门可能会因过度使用武力而被起诉。那个地区的公民会失去信仰,这对警察局不利。该学院教导警官何时采取致命的武力行动,这样就不会对警官采取法律行动。
 Patrol duty is important in police work because it gains the trust of the neighborhood the police are assigned to watch over. Philadelphia Police Department performed a study that showed that female officers failed to perform patrol duties as well as male officers (Cox 319). Police are more effective if they get the citizens to trust them because citizens will be more willing to give information that would help with an investigation and help to keep the neighborhood safer. The police department requires that all officers meet a standard to work for them.Police officers must be physically fit to perform their duties in the field. At times criminals run when they have just committed a crime. Officers are required to pass the fitness test at the academy. The police force in England and Wales showed that of 13,024 officers who completed the test 353 test had failed.  Almost 70 percent of those that failed were female officers (Evans). Keeping in shape and healthy shows other officers that one is ready to go when called. Police officers must be able to trust each other when going into a dangerous environment. When a situation gets physically violent some male officers prefer not having a female officer cover their back.  Some male officers feel that they would have to protect the female officer which can cause them both to get hurt. A male officer in 1980 said this “I want someone who can back me up…..I don’t want someone I have to back up (Wells 47)”. At times, physical strength is required but a police officer must do everything possible not to resort to physical violence. If the situation during the confrontation gets violent and the officer uses excessive force on the subject that officer in question can be let go. The police department may get sued for using excessive force when there was no need for it. Citizens in that area will lose faith which hurts the department. The academy teaches officers when to act with lethal force so that no legal action is taken against the officer.
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