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现在的房地产系统目前的状态,(不平等的)法国将进入经济债务,需要一种方法来还债。正如基本知识,欧洲正在经历文艺复兴(重生),这将导致一个更大的人口;这就产生了对食物和产品的更大需求。从1730年开始,巴西新金矿的发现导致整个西部的黄金价格普遍上涨,表明经济形势一片繁荣。然而,从1770年左右开始,这一趋势有所减弱,引发恐慌和反抗的经济危机变得更加频繁。(《史瑞克笔记》,2018年)法国与13个殖民地一起帮助他们的美国革命。这导致了法国在美国革命期间的巨额军事开支,并参与了七年战争;(大英百科全书,2018年)导致1789年国家债务约40亿本书。该国无力偿还贷款,也无法获得更多信贷(History SparkNotes, 2018)。当法国人需要更多的钱时,他们开始向下层阶级征税,只有下层阶级得到了99%的税收。就好像下层阶级没有交所有的税但现在他们要交更多的税,甚至路易十四都认为这很不公平;所以他决定去召集贵族,他称之为“显贵会议”。路易十四召集了贵族,想要建立一个体系,让他们能够在税收体系中取得平衡,结果却事与愿违。贵族们质疑他们的权威,他们没有解决政府。所有这些对法国的债务是一个必要的原因,因为这只是帮助第三阶级获得更多的愤怒。这支持了为什么法国革命需要发生,因为这种税收和债务的不平等都是针对城市的贫困工人的。有了经济上的债务,有了下层阶级的支付,贵族们对路易的反抗,这就导致了启蒙运动。
Now with their estate system at the state that it is currently at right now, (unequal) France will be going into economic debt and will need a way to pay it off. So just as essential knowledge, Europe is going through the Renaissance (rebirth) which will lead to a larger population; which created a greater demand for food and products. The discovery of new gold mines in Brazil had led to a general rise in prices throughout the West from about 1730, indicating a prosperous economic situation. However, from about 1770, this trend slackened, and economic crises, provoking alarm and revolts, became more frequent. (History SparkNotes, 2018) France was accompanying the 13 colonies with helping their American revolution. Which lead to France’s heavy military expenditures during the American Revolution, and were also involved in the Seven Years War; (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018) resulted in a national debt of approximately four billion books in 1789. The country could not afford to meet its loan payments nor could it obtain more credit (History SparkNotes, 2018). When the French needed more money they started to tax the lower class, only the lower class they got 99% of the taxes. As if the lower class didn’t pay all the taxes but now they have to pay even more, and even Loui Xiv thought this was pretty unfair; so he decided to go to assemble the nobles which he called “The Assembly of Notables”. So Loui Xiv gathered the nobility and wanted to make a system in where they would have a nice balance in the taxation system, and it backfired on Loui. The nobility questioned their authority and they didn’t fix the government. All of this debt incoming towards France is a necessary cause for France because this just helped the Third Estate gain more rage. This supports why the French Revolution needed to happen because this inequality within the taxes and debt are all incoming towards the poor city workers. So with this economic debt at hand, with the lower class paying for it, and the nobles rebelling on Loui this just lead into the Enlightenment.

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