美国西雅图assignment代写 免费医疗

2020-07-03 17:08

如果医生提供免费医疗,他们将得不到工资,最终没有人愿意当医生、护士、麻醉师或其他医疗专业人员。得不到报酬会导致他们没有钱购买食物、衣服或其他必需品。如果没有人从事医学专业工作,社会就不会有医疗保健,人们生病的速度会更快,因为没有人在那里防止疾病的传播。由于专业人员较少,死亡率会更高。医疗专业人员帮助病人克服疾病,他们开药,安排检查,做手术,以及更多帮助他们的病人幸福(经纪人)。没有这些,人们就会不断生病,无法好转。从事医疗行业的人应该为他们所做的事情得到报酬,尤其是因为他们为了达到现在的地位在学校里花了那么多时间和金钱。大多数医院尝试与病人合作,以确保他们能够支付账单。今天的社会需要医学专业人员,因为没有他们世界将遭受巨大的痛苦,医生在整个大学和医学院努力工作,在这个过程中损失了成千上万美元,为了履行一份工作,他们热爱并在做它的同时赚一笔可观的钱。医院和医生的大部分收入来自“技术和专业费用”(经纪人)。阅读和命令检查的医生收到“专业费用”(经纪人)。而医院则通过进行手术、程序和其他事情(经纪人)来收取“技术费用”,这是两者中较大的一笔费用。由于美国的经济形势和失业人口的数量,医院已经经历了许多削减,比如裁员,精简设备和机器,以及削减开支。由于有些人负担不起医疗或保险,他们决定去诊所或社区办事处接受最低限度的护理,以缓解症状和疾病。这样做,医院就会赔钱,因为他们失去了潜在的病人,而且病人得不到他们需要的护理(“经济是如何影响医院的”)。人们理应得到最好的医疗服务;然而,医疗和保险的成本是造成美国有那么多城市陷入贫困、疾病肆虐的重要原因。免费医疗对那些经济困难的人来说是非常有益的,一些医生为有需要的病人做了pro bonos,而另一些则提供支付计划,所以对一个人来说,和他们的医生和护士谈谈,找出减少他们医疗费用的方法是很重要的。
美国西雅图assignment代写 免费医疗
If doctors provided free healthcare, they would not receive paychecks and eventually no one would want to work as a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, or as any other medical professional. Not being paid would result in them not having money to pay for food, clothes, or other necessities. If no one worked as a medical professional, society would not have healthcare and people would become sick at a faster rate since no one would be there to prevent the illness from spreading. The death rate would be higher, due to the number of professionals being lower. Medical professionals help patients to overcome sickness, they prescribe medications, order tests, perform surgeries, and much more to help their patients wellbeing (Broker).  Without all of these things people would be constantly ill and have no way of getting better. People in medical professions deserve to be paid for what they do especially since they spent so much time and money in school to be where they are now.  Most hospitals try and work with the patient to make sure they can pay their bills. Medical professionals are needed in today’s society, for without them the world would suffer tremendously .Physicians work hard all throughout college and medical school, losing thousands of dollars in the process, in order to perform a job, they love and make a decent amount of money while doing it. Hospitals and doctors make most of their money from “technical and professional fees” (Broker). Physicians that read and order tests receive the “professional fee” (Broker). While hospitals receive the “technical fee”, which is the larger fee of the two, by performing operations, procedures and other things (Broker). Due to the economy and the number of unemployed citizens in America, hospitals have gone through many cutbacks, such as letting people go, downsizing equipment and machinery, and cutting spending. Since some people cannot afford healthcare nor insurance, they decide to visit clinics or community offices and receive minimum care to subside their symptoms and illnesses. By doing this, hospitals lose money because they have lost potential patients and said patients do not receive the care they need (“How the Economy is Affecting Hospitals.”). People deserve to have nothing but the best medical care available to them; however, the cost to having medical care and insurance plays a huge role in why there are so many cities in poverty that are struck with illnesses throughout America. Free healthcare would be very beneficial to those struggling financially, some doctors have performed pro bonos for patients in need and others offer payment plans, so it is important for one to talk to their doctors and nurses to find out a way to lessen their medical bills.
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