纽约艺术论文代写 美丽女人

2020-05-25 02:16

然而,萨维尔所描绘的那个不入时的美丽女人,却不能不承认她的伟大。人们通常认为艺术家和艺术品是有关系的,艺术家是作品背后的天才,这就意味着创作者和作品本身一样重要。我认为萨维尔处理这种困境的本质是有趣的,因为她的作品不完全是自传体的,但事实上,她的脸。萨维尔本人并不高大,可以被认为是典型的娇小。这意味着萨维尔的作品绝对不是她的身体自我的真实记录,质疑她的推理,包括她自己的脸在她的艺术作品中。我相信萨维尔的想法背后的原因是为了创造这个对话。如前所述,观众实际上完成了艺术作品,打开了解释和对话。与品牌萨维尔的画作《(图3)》相似,这幅画也有铭刻在女性皮肤上的文字,不过,这一次的文字是比利时女权主义理论家卢斯·伊瑞加雷(Luce Irigaray)的镜像作品。“然而,为了阅读这本书,我们不仅要仔细观察她的肉体轮廓,还要把自己和她放在一起。”(曼斯菲尔德,2018)进一步鼓励观众参与。由于艺术世界是一个极其复杂的生态系统,观众/观众/观察者/观众是艺术世界网络的一部分,它不再是一个人与一件作品的关系。现在更是如此,他们成为对话的一部分,共同产生意义作为一个社区。这一社会行动主义使观众的托盘变得无限扩大。所以,萨维尔使用感知她的形象让观众开启含义的艺术品,固化的艺术家的重要性,然而,可以说,萨维尔已经比这更进一步被包括在图像的一部分观众和他们的思维过程。我认为通过包含她的自我形象,实际上使她成为观众的一部分,与他们的解释联系起来,并与他们一起咀嚼他们的想法。
纽约艺术论文代写 美丽女人
However, unfashionably beautiful the woman Saville paints is, she cannot be denied her grandeur. It is common to think that Artists and artworks have a relationship and the Artist is the genius behind the work, thus meaning the creator becomes as important as a part of the work as the actual art itself. I would argue that the nature in which Saville tackles this dilemma is interesting as her work is not exclusively autobiographical but does, in fact, feature her face. Saville is not a large woman herself and can be considered as typically petite. This means Saville’s work is definitely not an actual documentary to her physical self, questioning her reasoning to include her own face in her artwork. I believe the reasoning behind Saville’s thinking was to create this very conversation. As previously mentioned, the spectators actually complete the artworks, opening up to interpretation and conversations. Similar to Branded Saville’s painting entitled Propped (Figure 3.) also includes writings etched into the woman’s skin, however, this time the words are in mirror-writing by Belgian feminist theorist Luce Irigaray. ‘In order to read it, however, we have to not only peer closely at the contours of her flesh, we have to put ourselves in the picture with her.’ (Mansfield, 2018) Further encouraging viewer engagement.As the art world is an incredibly complex ecosystem, the audience/viewer/observer/spectator is part of the network of the art world, it is no longer one person having one relationship with one piece of work. More so now that they become part of the conversation and coproduce meanings as a community. This social activism enables spectators’ pallets to become infinitely expanded. So, Saville uses her perceptions of her self-image to ask the audiences to unlock meanings of the artwork, solidifying the Artist being of importance, however, it can be argued that Saville has gone one step further than this by including herself in the images to be part of the audience and their thought processes herself. I think by the inclusion of her self-image actually makes her part of the spectators, relating herself to their interpretations and chewing their thoughts with them.
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