美国留学生作业代写 儿童教育

2020-11-30 15:22

《SEND code of practice》第1.3节规定,“洛杉矶必须确保儿童、父母和年轻人参与讨论和决定他们的个人支持和当地提供的服务。”“在决定采取何种干预措施时,瞳孔的声音很重要。Briesch和Chafouleas(2009)指出:“给予我们行为干预的直接目标适当的机会来评估其治疗是至关重要的”……“如果孩子们不参与干预措施的设计和实施,那么人们普遍认为,学生将不太可能承诺或服从治疗。”“比较我访问过的专科学校和主流中学,SENCO在这两所学校都使用年度EHCP审查来规划未来的干预措施,并确保学生参与其中。”这是一个很好的做法,但是这所中学只有30名学生有EHCP,所以还有224名学生接受SEN支持,但没有正式的程序来告知他们在干预方面的偏好。Briesch的结论是,通过促进与孩子的更多交流,了解他们对干预的看法和个人偏好,有可能消除干预使用的障碍:尽管时间限制和资源匮乏可能使这在一些学校不可行。为了促进SEMH学生的包容和减少排斥,需要采用质量优先的教学、有针对性的专家干预措施和有效的监测系统。主流学校对SENCO和学习支持团队有很多要求,所以目前不会像Bowden House学校那样有效地确保SEMH学生得到最好的结果。可以改善这两所学校的现有规定,以确保优秀的包容性实践,特别是使用自我调节策略和正念干预。为助教提供更多有效干预的培训,并为教师提供CPD培训,尤其关注积极行为干预和对SEMH学生的支持。
美国留学生作业代写 儿童教育
 Section 1.3 in the SEND code of practice stipulates “LA’s must ensure that children, their parents and young people are involved in discussions and decisions about their individual support and local provision.” Pupil voice is important when deciding what interventions to implement. Briesch and Chafouleas (2009) state “it is essential that the direct targets of our behavioural interventions be given appropriate opportunity to evaluate their treatment” ….”If children are not involved in the design and implementation of interventions, then it is generally believed that the student will be less likely to commit to, or be compliant with, the treatment.”  Comparing the specialist school and the mainstream secondary I visited, in both schools the SENCO uses the annual EHCP review to plan interventions going forward and ensure that the student is involved.  This is excellent practice, but the secondary school only has 30 students with an EHCP so that still leaves 224 students receiving SEN support, where no formal procedure is in place to inform their preferences in interventions.  Briesch concluded that it possible to remove barriers surrounding intervention usage by facilitating more communication with the child and understanding their perceptions of interventions and personal preferences: though time constraints and lack of resources may make this unfeasible at some schools.In order to promote inclusion and reduce exclusion of SEMH students, the use of quality first teaching, targeted and specialist interventions and an effective monitoring system need to be in place.  The mainstream school has a lot of demands on the SENCO and learning support team, so will not currently be as effective as Bowden House School to ensure the best outcomes for SEMH students. Improvements to the current provision of both schools could be made to ensure outstanding practice for inclusion, especially with the use of self-regulation strategies and mindfulness interventions. More training for TAs an on effective interventions and SEND CPD training for teachers especially concentrating on positive behavioural interventions and support for SEMH students.
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