洛杉矶代写assignment 清晰的信息

2020-07-11 17:38

清晰的信息有助于人们理解和采用实现变更的方法。清晰的解释可以减少不确定性,因此领导者必须能够解释导致挑战的因素。例如,说明预算削减对组织、学校和组织内的人员会产生怎样的影响。这将确保工作或学校环境中人们之间的透明沟通。领导者了解组织所面临的挑战的能力,将有助于提高他或她在困难情况下做决定时的可信度。情商的发展是一个成功领导的最好方面之一。情商是在互动中识别并考虑自己的情绪和他人情绪的能力”(Coleman 1995)。让组织内的人意识到这一点,有助于他们通过人际互动控制自己的行为,从而产生积极的结果,防止冲突。能够控制自己和他人情绪的领导者帮助他们认识到困难的情况,从而使他们有更大的能力解决紧张的情况和冲突。这份报告让我们认识到,世界正在发生变化,这要求领导者们获得新的技能,使他们能够在数字时代管理一个组织或学校。开办护理学院特别需要的一些技能是敏捷、礼貌、跨专业、战略性沟通。
洛杉矶代写assignment 清晰的信息
 Clarity of information helps people to understand and adopt ways to implement change. Clarity gives explanation of prevailing circumstances that reduces uncertainties, due to this a leader must be able to explain the factors that causes challenges. For example, give an understanding of how reduction in budget will have on organisation or school and the people within the organisation. This will ensure transparent communication among people within work or school environment. The ability of a leader to make know the challenges facing the organisation will help increase his or her credibility when taking decisions in difficult situations.Development of emotional intelligence is one of the best aspect for a successful leadership.Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and take into account one’s emotion and the emotions of others in interactions’’ (Coleman 1995). Making people within an organisation aware of this helps them to control their own behaviour through interpersonal interaction leading to positive results and prevent conflicts. Leaders who can check their own and others emotions help them to acknowledge difficult situations to put them in a position where they have greater ability to resolve stressful situations and conflicts.This report gives the understanding that the world is changing which requires leaders to acquire new skills that will enable them manage an organisation or school in the digital era. Some of the skills that is needed particularly running a nursing academy are agility, civility, interprofessional, strategic communication.

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