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2020-05-29 00:02

麦克米伦作为一个领导者的价值观影响了他的领导风格,并为他在沃尔玛公司获得的成功做出了贡献。一个领导者的价值观和道德准则可能是影响其如何行使权力和影响力的因素。在领导中最重要和关键的关键是确保领导设定道德的步伐和命令组织将采取的道德立场。当董明伦接管沃尔玛公司(Wal-Mart Inc.)的领导权时,该公司正面临着自身的问题。员工们对恶劣的工作条件和低工资怨声载道,公司也经常在媒体上批评员工。作为一名道德领袖,麦克米伦提高了所有员工的工资,并确保健康保险是所有员工福利的一部分。在McMillon Wal-Mart取消其兼职员工的医疗保险之前,他们不得不依靠政府的医疗保险,这一举动激怒了纳税人。他有一个善于倾听的领导者,这种同理心使他能够倾听员工的困境,从而提高工资,提高员工的整体生产力,这些都反映在这家零售巨头的整体业绩上。除此之外,麦克米伦在道德推理方面也始终如一。他对价值观、道德和领导力之间关系的重要性的认识,使他打破常规,比以往任何时候都更能撼动沃尔玛的领袖地位。沃尔玛广泛地实践着这一黄金法则,因为他们强调员工之间应该以他们希望被对待的方式对待彼此。这种以原则为中心的领导已经看到了道德准则在领导者和组织的日常决策中的应用。在沃尔玛,法治盛行,准确信息咨询的道德报告和诚信是该组织最强调的价值观。
美国洛杉矶作业代写 领导者
McMillon’s values as a leader have had an impact on his leadership style and contributed towards the success he has garnered at Wal-Mart Inc. A  Leader’s values and ethical code are probably the contributing factors of how the particular leader exercises their power and influence. The most important and critical key in leadership is to ensure that the leader sets the moral pace and dictate the ethical stance that the organization will take. A leader should be an empathetic visionary who is consistent and has high levels of ethics to succeed in creating a relationship of mutual trust between themselves and the followers When McMillon took over the leadership ship at Wal-Mart Inc., the company was facing problems on their own. Employees were grumbling over poor working conditions and low wages and the company was constantly in the media being constantly critized for filing its employees. As an ethical leader McMillon increased the salaries of all associates and ensured that health insurance was part of the benefits that all associates had. Before McMillon Wal-Mart had scrapped off health insurance from its part time associates, who had to depend on government health insurance, a move that angered the taxpayers. The empathy he has a listening leader made him to listen to the plights of the workers hence the increase in salaries and overall improvement in employee productivity which is reflected by the retail giant’s overall performance.In addition to the above McMillon has been consistent in his moral reasoning. His knowledge of the importance of the relationship between values, ethics and leadership has seen him go out of the norm and shaking up Wal-Mart leader than ever before. Wal-Mart extensively practices the golden rule as they emphasizing on the workers treating each other in the same way they would want to be treated. This principle-centered leadership has seen the application of the code of ethics in everyday decisions made by the leader and the organization. At Wal-Mart the rule of law prevails, ethical reporting of accurate information consultation and integrity are the most emphasized values at the organization.
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