北美health assignment代写 压力的反应

2020-05-23 10:57

作为对压力的反应,大脑中的下丘脑向肾上腺发出信号,然后肾上腺分泌糖皮质激素和皮质醇。如果由于持续的压力,血液中的皮质醇水平保持在高水平,过度使用会导致皮质醇调节能力下降,因此,过度使用会损害海马,从而导致皮质醇水平下降。这可以阻止我们的战斗或逃跑模式和免疫反应或新陈代谢,导致攻击行为和压力从几个领域的崩溃。关于大脑的侧化以及睾酮在男性行为(如攻击性和视觉空间性)中起的作用,人们有很多争论。男性的下丘脑中有一簇大的细胞,被称为性二态核,当与女性的大脑相比时,男性的大脑似乎要大得多。研究已经表明,大脑有左右两边。左边用于语言,右边用于空间和非语言任务。1996年young (Baxter et al., n.d.)进行了一项研究,使用核磁共振成像扫描来监测语言任务期间的大脑,以确定是否有证据表明男性的SDN更大。这表明,女性同时使用左右半球,而男性只用左半球。有证据表明,男性的大脑受睾酮的影响,与女性的大脑相比,男性大脑的一侧工作更独立,这表明睾酮可以影响男性大脑的侧化,从而导致SND的大小差异。为了观察睾酮对SDN的影响,科学家对大鼠进行了一项研究,结果显示,大脑的大小差异也存在相似之处。这是通过在雌性老鼠发育早期注射来实现的。他们不仅在以后的生活中表现出攻击性和实验性行为,而且young发现男性的SND比女性的SND大。这显示了巴克斯特在2003年重复的模式。
北美health assignment代写 压力的反应
In a response to stress, the hypothalamus in the brain gives a signal to the adrenal glands which then secrete glucocorticoids and cortisol. If levels of cortisol in the blood remain high from constant stress, overuse can result in lower ability to regulate cortisol so lower levels are then produced through overuse due to damage to the hippocampus. This can stop our fight or flight mode and immune response or metabolism, causing aggressive behaviour and stress from the breakdown of several areas. There are many arguments over the brains lateralization and what functions take over from the effect of testosterone from male behaviours such as aggression and visuospatial. In a man the hypothalamus contains a cluster of large cells which is known as the sexual dimorphic nucleus, when compared in size to a female’s brain, the males appear to be much larger in size.As research has already shown, the brain has two sides, left and right. The left for language and right for spatial and non-verbal tasks.Research carried out by young 1996, (Baxter et al., n.d.) using MRI scans to monitor the brain during language tasks was done to see if there is evidence of reasons to why the male has a larger SDN. This showed that woman used both left and right hemispheres, whilst the male used only the left side. Evidence showed that a male’s brain was influenced by testosterone by working more independently on one side compared to the female’s brain of both sides which shows testosterone can influence lateralization of a man’s brain resulting in the size difference on the SND.  Research was carried out  with rats to see the effect of testosterone on the SDN showed similar similarities in the size difference in the brain. This was done by injecting female rats during their early stages of development. Not only did they show aggressive and experimental behaviour later in life, but also young found the size in the SND in males to be larger compared to the females SND. This showed a repeated pattern carried out by Baxter in 2003. 
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