education paper代写 影响教育的因素

2020-10-21 10:55

education paper代写 影响教育的因素
 Class size is a key influence in education. Many parents worry that their children are not getting the required attention they need to succeed. Current researchers from the Department of Psychology and Human development; wrote “Examining the effect of class size on classroom engagement and teacher-pupil interaction: Differences in relation to pupil prior attainment and primary vs. secondary schools”. This experimentation shows that the more students in a classroom the faster students tend to lose focus on the teacher. The likelihood of students to be focused on the teacher when more students are in the classroom remarkably drops. According to the National Center for educational statistics, “public primary schools in the united states had an average class size of 20 for teachers in self-contained classes in 2003-08. In private schools, the average class size for teachers in self-contained classes was 18.” Public schools are becoming exigently overcrowded than private schools as years go by. Parents worry that children in public schools aren’t getting enough one on one interaction with teachers. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to give more individual attention to students and significantly lightens the teacher’s workload.One important factor in public and private schools is testing. Both sectors are required to test the student’s knowledge. Although, private schools don’t have as much standardized testing as public schools do private schools must have a form of test that proves that students are learning. The National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that at the fourth-grade level, all variations of private schools scored higher than public schools. The research also considered the comparisons of scores after the demographic deviations have been controlled. The results varied substantially. It’s crucial to become fully aware that public schools have higher percentages of Hispanic, low income, and special education students. When controlling these demographics research showed that in all categories such as math, science, and reading public schools scored higher or equal to private schools. Even though private schools score higher overall, when you control the demographics public schools score higher than private schools. Standardized test scores is only a small factor in what parents hope schools deliver for children Therefor, Parents must decide if overall this will affect their decision when choosing between private and public schools.
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