北美教育学assignment代写 园艺和零售

2020-07-05 16:22

根与芽提供园艺和零售方面的基础学习课程。除此之外,学习者还有机会获得读写、计算、艺术和企业奖的资格。鼓励学习者设计自己的学习成果,并协助他们设定个性化的目标,并衡量他们实现这些目标的进展(Ofsted, 2012)。这使学习者能够控制自己的学习,进而帮助学生个人感到自己被包括在学习中,并保持积极性,促进有效的包容性实践(Jones, 2005;麦克劳林,2017)。14-16岁有被学校拒之门外的儿童也可享受这项服务。如果一个孩子或年轻人被学校拒之门外,这可能会导致学习者在没有任何资格证书的情况下离开学校。“根与芽”提供了一个“学徒制”项目,从而使年轻人能够在他们的教育中继续进步。据报道,资格是个人特征和未来就业的关键因素(Wertheimer, 1983:99;(Verdier and Steedman, 2011)。英国国家统计局(ONS)(2011)声称,在英格兰和威尔士,处于工作年龄但没有资格证书的人有48.5%在就业,而处于工作年龄但只有一项资格证书的人有80.7%在就业,因此证明了就业资格在成人生活中的重要性。Mitchell(2012,引用在Ofsted, 2012)解释道,“根与芽”提供的所有项目都是以一种整体的方式进行的。整体教学法不仅注重教育,而且注重每个学习者的个人需求,还注重人际关系的形成和积极的社会行为、社会和情感的发展和适应能力的发展,使学习者能够为以后的生活做好准备。
北美教育学assignment代写 园艺和零售
Roots and Shoots offer Foundation Learning Tier programmes in horticulture and retail. Alongside this, learners were also given the opportunity to gain qualification in literacy and numeracy, art and an enterprise award. Learners were encouraged to devise their own learning outcomes and were assisted to set individualised targets and to measure their progress towards achieving these targets (Ofsted, 2012). This enables learners to take control of their learning which in turn helps the students individually feel included in their learning and stay motivated, promoting effective inclusive practice (Jones, 2005; McLoughlin, 2017). Provision is also available for 14-16-year olds who are at risk of being excluded from school. If a child or young person is excluded from school, this could potentially lead to the learner leaving school without any qualifications. Roots and Shoots offers an ‘Access to Apprenticeship’ programme which therefore enables young individuals to continue to progress with their education. Qualifications are reportedly a crucial element of an individual’s characteristics and for future employment (Wertheimer, 1983:99; Verdier and Steedman, 2011). The Office for National Statistics (ONS) (2011) claim that 48.5% of people in England and Wales of working age without qualifications are in employment in comparison to 80.7% of working age in employment with one qualification, therefore demonstrating the cruciality of qualifications for employment in adult life. Mitchell (2012, cited in Ofsted, 2012) explains that all the programmes offered by roots and shoots are delivered in a holistic approach. A holistic approach enables learners to be prepared for later life as it not only focuses on education, but each learners’ individual needs and also forming relationships and developing positive social behaviours, social and emotional development and resilience .
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