北美作业代写 需求的计划

2020-06-20 04:23

在这样做的同时,它允许工人和客户制定一个适合特定需求的计划。可用于确定或评估客户需求的措施包括安全和风险评估、酒精和药物评估以及心理评估。评估安全和风险是所有儿童福利工作者的重要工具。它能让我们立即看到现在正在发生什么,以及未来可能发生什么。安全评估通过使用检查表来确定迫在眉睫的危害威胁,以帮助工人确保儿童的安全(Wells & Correia, 2012)。此外,风险是虐待的长期可能性,这是在对家庭进行安全评估后提出的。继续,另一种评估需求的方法是酒精和药物评估。对于我们来说,了解物质障碍的概率是很重要的,如果这是病人面临的一个问题。用来解决这个问题的常用工具是药物滥用精细筛选清单(SASSI)。该工具的目的,是检测基于有效性的物质使用,而不考虑诚实或动机。最后一种评估重点领域的方法是通过心理评估。对于一个人来说,造成心理健康问题的原因有很多。心理健康问题的一些原因可能是遗传、死亡、创伤等等。无论如何,社区的心理健康是非常重要的。在进行心理评估时,通常使用两种工具:贝克抑郁量表和贝克焦虑量表。开发这些工具是为了以低成本和高效率评估和筛查焦虑和抑郁症状(Eack, Singer, & Greeno)。使用这些工具可以有效地进行诊断并提供必要的建议。在一天结束的时候,评估是让我们的客户达到他们的目标的一个组成部分。评估可以影响决策和生活的其他方面。当我们进行评估时,我们是在允许他们有学习的潜力.
北美作业代写 需求的计划
In doing this, it allows for the worker and the client to develop a plan that is appropriate for specific needs. Measures that that could be used to identify or assess clients’ needs could be safety and risk assessment, alcohol and drug assessment, and a psychological evaluation. Assessing safety and risk is an important tool for all child welfare workers. It allows us to have an immediate look at what is going on in the now and a sense of what could be in the future. Safety assessments identify an imminent threat of harm by using a checklist to assist workers on ensuring safety of a child (Wells & Correia, 2012). Furthermore, risk is long-term likelihood of maltreatment and this is addressed after the conclusion of a safety assessment evaluating the family (Wells & Correia, 2012). Moving on, another way to assess needs would be an alcohol and drug assessment. It is important for us to know the probability of a substance disorder if that is an issue that is present for the client. A common tool used to address this issue, is the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI). The purpose of this tool, is to detect substance use based on validity regardless of honesty or motivation (Feldstein, S. W., & Miller, 2007). The final way to assess the area of focus could be through a psychological evaluation. There can be many reason to what causes mental health issues for an individual. Some causes for mental health issues could be hereditary, death, trauma, and so on. Regardless, mental health in a community is very important to address. When a psychological evaluation is conducted, there are two common tools used, Beck Depression Inventory and Beck Anxiety Inventory. The tools were developed for assessing and screening anxiety and depressive symptoms at a low cost and efficient rate (Eack, Singer, & Greeno). Using these tools can effectively make a diagnosis and provide needed recommendations. At the end of the day, assessment is an integral part of allowing our client to meet their goals. Assessment can affect the decisions and other aspects of life. When we are assessing, we are allowing them to have the potential to learn。
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