北美政治学作业代写 朝鲜

2020-05-01 04:32

北美政治学作业代写 朝鲜
 North Korea is unlike anything we can imagine. There is little food and the people are brainwashed into worshipping the leader. The truth about North Korea was a secret for many years, until refugees began sharing their stories. These refugees are using their experiences living in North Korea to make people more aware of the atrocities happening in North Korea. Their experiences are different, yet they are all similar. From their stories we learn about the living conditions in North Korea and finally get inside tales of what the North Korean labor camps look like. They describe the excruciating work and the frequent beatings from guards. Each of their stories has brought awareness about the North Korean way of life. These stories make it possible for people to study the migration patterns of these refugees and give more insight as to how we can help both the refugees and the citizens still suffering within North Korea’s borders. Books, blogs, documentaries, articles, etc. have been written about North Korean refugees. Their stories frequently make the news and fill up headlines on newspapers. But aside from public media, their stories have inspired many different kinds of research. From political research to psychological research, there’s certainly no shortage of discourse surrounding these refugees. One of the most obscure studies being done being migration studies. There are several theories out there about why or how North Korean refugees migrate, but in this essay, there is only one important theory, and that is distress migration. For this essay I will be explaining how distress migration is a specific form of forced migration because the amount of turmoil a country is in would give people no other option but to flee.
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