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Adler research focused on the possibility that a person ’s personality developed early in life. He thought positive and negative experiences early in childhood could lead to reactions that would establish lifelong personality orientations or goals. Adler believed people have empowered to create her or his style of life. Alder felt people are responsible for whom they become and how they respond. Their creative power places them in control of their own lives.  Carl Rogers was a great leader that’d often compared to Alfred Adler. Roger was extraordinary who believed that each of our lives in a continually changing private world, which he called the experiential field Roger believed many self-actualized individuals are revolutionizing the world by trusting their power, without feeling a need to have “power over” others (n.d).  The primary determinant of whether we will become self-actualized is our childhood experience.Carl Roger is a leader that had a vision like Alfred alder. Carl Rogers had several influences by several strong Religious leaders.  Rogers early clinical career was in a children’s hospital. Rogers developed his therapeutic techniques and the accompanying theory from positive and hopeful perspective.  Rogers focused on the unique characteristics and viewpoint of individuals (n.d). Carl Rogers is known for his contributions to therapeutic applications of humanism. Carl Rogers is well known for His framework of therapy known as then person-centered therapy. Person-centered therapy focuses on the client. Rogers felt that having a healthy, productive person-centered therapeutic environment: with unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence help with a personal development (n.d). According to Alders theory “Rogers believed all creatures strive to be there best.  If they fail, it is not for lack of desire” (“Carl Rogers,” n.d.). The good life is known as a process, not a state of being. The good life requires psychological freedom and a healthy and supportive environment.

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