北美Psychology Assignment代写 贝克无望感量表

2020-04-15 03:01

贝克无望感量表是一项由20个项目组成的真或假自我报告量表,用于评估个人对未来的感觉和期望。参与者会被提供正确或错误的选项,如“我满怀希望和热情展望未来”和“我也可能会放弃,因为我无法为自己做得更好。”根据该手册,BHS的内部稳定性从0.82到0.93不等,在6周的时间内重新测试的可靠性为0.66。急性生活事件问卷(ALEQ;Haeffel et al., 2007)是从生活事件问卷(Needles & Abramson, 1990)修改而来的自我报告测量方法,目的是评估大学生在一周的课程中可能经历的近期事件。它包括48个项目,这些项目提供了一系列可能的事件,这些事件与许多事情相关,从学业成绩到人际关系。总的来说,有18个积极的事件和30个有压力的生活事件,参与者通过选择“是”或“不是”来记录它们是否发生在过去的四周。整体之间的各种压力事件得分0 30得分越高表明更高的消极生活事件的经验而总分积极事件发生在过去的四个星期从0到18得分越高表明更高的积极生活事件的经验。
北美Psychology Assignment代写 贝克无望感量表
The Beck Hopelessness Scale is a 20-item true or false self-report measure used to asses hopelessness in the context of individuals feelings and expectations about the future. Participants are provided true or false options to items with responses such as “I look forward to the future with hope and enthusiasm” and “I might as well give up because there’s nothing I can do to make things better for me.” According to the manual, the BHS has an internal constancy ranging from .82 to .93 and test-retest reliability of .66 when done over a six-week period.Acute Life Events Questionnaire (ALEQ; Haeffel et al., 2007) is a self-report measure that was modified from the Life Events Questionnaire (Needles & Abramson, 1990) in order to assess recent events that college students are likely to experience over the course of a week. It includes 48-items that provide a wide set of possible events related to a number of things from ranging from academic performance to interpersonal matters. Overall there are 18 positive events and 30 stressful life events that participants get note whether they occurred over the past four weeks by picking yes or no. The overall score for stressful events can range between 0-30 with higher scores indicating a higher experience of negative life events while the overall score positive events occurred over the course of the last four weeks ranging from 0 to 18 with higher scores indicating a higher experience of positive life events.
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