北美电子商务作业代写 亚马逊

2020-04-07 05:32

亚马逊有一个破旧的领导规定,所有员工追求,从官员到降低水平代表按以下标准:客户困扰,所有权、发明和简化,对一吨,雇佣和最好的发展,坚持最高标准,认为大,付诸行动,节俭,学习和e好奇,赢得信任,下潜深,骨干;不同意并承诺,并交付结果。组织努力以最终购买者为中心,并从那时起反过来工作。亚马逊的Kindle平板电脑是应客户的要求而生产的,而不是亚马逊的一位专家的想法。当一个组织专注于客户的需求,制定和制造项目来解决这些问题,并不断增加当前的标准来改进这些项目时,它将可靠地促进传递给客户的结果。Amazon的有效“结果”模型是Amazon Prime、Amazon Echo和Amazon Web服务。这些项目/管理是杰夫·贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)希望从利用他的创新标准中产生的结果。鉴于Jeff有能力构建这些主动性标准并将其执行到他的组织中,这与它的有效性和创造性有直接的联系。亚马逊将寻求所有的创造性和想象力的冒险,不管它的想法,如果它将着重影响买家。谷歌90%的任务都是与组织的中心业务相关的,而只有10%的风险投资是随机的深度业务(G套件)。这就限制了谷歌代表可以在哪里运行他们的思想,以及他们可以完全追求什么思想。
北美电子商务作业代写 亚马逊
Amazon has a rundown of leadership rules that all workers pursue, from officials to bring down level representatives The standards are as per the following: Customer Obsession, Ownership, Invent and Simplify, Are Right A ton, Hire and Develop the Best, Insist on the Highest Standards, Think Big, Bias for Action, Frugality, Learn and e Curious, Earn Trust, Dive Deep, Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit, and Deliver Results. The organization endeavours to centre around the end purchaser and work in reverse from that point. The Amazon Kindle tablet was made because of client request instead of thought made from a specialist at Amazon Combining the over three authority standards will lead the organization to the last one: Deliver Results. At the point when an organization is fixating on client needs, concocting and making items to address those issues, and continually increasing current standards to improve those items, it will dependably prompt outcomes that are passed onto the customer. Models of effective “results” for Amazon would be Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Web Services. These items/administrations are the kinds of results that Jeff Bezos is hoping to originate from the utilization of his initiative standards.In view of Jeff’s capacity to structure these initiative standards and execute them into his organization has been an immediate connection to how effective and inventive it has been. Amazon will seek after all creative and imaginative ventures regardless of the thought if it will emphatically influence the purchaser. 90 per cent of Google’s tasks are committed or identified with the organization’s centre business while just 10 per cent of ventures are random profoundly business (G Suite). This puts confines on where Google representatives can run with their thoughts and what thought they can completely seek after.
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