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2020-06-06 04:33

相反,罗杰的创新扩散理论提出采用一种新的思想作为冲突管理策略。这个新想法可以被接受和采纳,也可以被拒绝和放弃,这完全取决于个人对提议的创新的反应(Huber, 2014)。因此,该理论的结果在很大程度上取决于所使用的实施策略。这个理论最适用于长期的改变。卢因的冲突管理计划是最适合护士的。重要的是护士要认识到他们可以通过建设性地管理冲突来学习、实践和改善消极行为。因为护士已经在他们的日常活动中使用了计划的改变,如入院,记录他们的生命体征,诊断,制定病人的护理需求,并提出适当的改变(Huber, 2014)。因此,使用计划变更比其他策略更可行,因为他们已经熟悉它。卢因冲突管理理论的优势包括:利用社会变革的原则来发展变革。社会科学是任何社会的重要元素,理解各种限制可能性的因素,典型地包括各种价值观、信仰、观点和程序(Huber, 2014)。其缺点包括;不愿将改变视为机遇,改变的过程可能会有所不同;没有明确的模式或时间表,出现不必要的并发症的可能性很大;职业背景的多样性造成了障碍。
西雅图代写护理作业 扩散理论
Conversely, Roger’s diffusion in innovation theory proposes the adoption of a new idea as a conflict management strategy. This new idea can either be accepted and adopted or rejected and dropped, which all depends on how individuals will react to the proposed innovation (Huber, 2014). Therefore, the outcome of this theory is highly dependent on the implementation strategy used. This theory is best used for long-term change.Lewin’s planned change for conflict management is the best suited for nurses. It is important for nurses to recognize that they can learn, practice, and improve negative behaviors by managing the conflict constructively. Since nurses already use planned change in their day to day activities like admitting patients, taking their vital signs, diagnosing, developing the patients care needs, and proposing appropriate changes (Huber, 2014). Therefore, it is more feasible to use planned changes than other strategies, since they are already familiar with it.The strengths of the Lewin’s conflict management theory include; the utilization of the principles of social change to develop changes. Social science is an important element of any society and understanding factors that limit the possibilities typically inclusive of various values, beliefs, perspectives, and procedures (Huber, 2014). Its weaknesses include; the unwillingness to view change as an opportunity, the process of change may vary; there is no clear pattern or timeline available, and the possibility of unwanted complication appearing is highly likely; diversity of professional backgrounds create barriers.
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