美国心理学作业代写 Jenny的行为

2020-06-16 01:22

美国心理学作业代写 Jenny的行为
After examining and analysing Jenny’s behaviour, her thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions I focused on identifying therapeutic approach to aiding in her treatment, an approach that’s takes into consideration her feelings and the way she understands the world around her. With the other issues she is suffering from, it’s vital to change Jenny‘s behaviour i.e. thought, emotions perception and her understanding about her life to stop thinking or feeling negatively about herself.  In the session, Jenny said that she had a good job she loved so much and that she was working hard for a better life for her and any one that is to be around her. This goal she said was very important to her as she wanted to have a better life and environment, unlike what she had growing up at her early age while with her parents. In order words Jenny mentioned that where she finds herself now is not her plan /goal she promised herself. All these thought and feelings are going on in Jenny’s mind and she believes that she has failed herself by not living the kind of life she planned for herself. In order to understand Jenny, I asked open questions relating to her feelings about her thoughts and feelings. She believes that being in therapy will help her explore more on this and help her to get back on track with what she wants to achieve and to also deal with what is presently going on now in her life. As jenny described how she felt regarding how she was not where she is meant to be I found it very important to reassure her by praising her for being self-aware and having the ability to calmly observe what she was going through and seeking help. I also mentioned that it’s good that she is making effort to change.
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