美国心理学作业代写 测试理论

2020-06-18 01:11

美国心理学作业代写 测试理论
 the incongruent word will always be processed at a semantic level and whether a word is wraped or not, will have no impact on the size of the Stroop effect. The aims of this experiment is to test this theory by measuring how long it takes participants to complete the congruent and incongruent conditions on normal and wraped Stroop tasks.  Based on previous evidence, when automaticity of reading words is interrupted, naming the colour of the word is more easier and the size of Stroop effect can be reduced or even eliminate.The hypotheses for this experiment  is that there will be a much smaller Stroop effect in the wraped Stroop task compared to the normal Stroop task.  We expected the simple effect of congruency to be significant and the interaction to be significant.  Therefore, the time it takes for participants to complete the congruent and incongruent conditions of the wraped Stroop task will be a lot shorter than the normal Stroop task. In this experiment took part fifty participants, twenty-three males and twenty-seven females, with a similar age between eighteen and twenty-five.  Participants were selected using opportunity sample and they shared the same characteristics as all were students from University of Hull.  A condition for participants to took part in this experiment was that they are not color-bling, to avoid the validity of the collected data.  Prior the start of the experiment, they were shown different colours to make sure they are matching the requirements.  Participants were fully informed before experiment and debriefed afterwards, they had the right to withdraw from the experiment at any point.  Participants were split into two groups: a ‘standard’ group and ‘modified’ group.  This experiment involved observation of participants over eighteen years of age only. 
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