北美护理作业代写 终身学习

2020-08-11 07:36

另一种有助于终身学习的学习方式是弗莱明在1995年开发的VARK模式。指出,有四种不同的学习方式:视觉、听觉、阅读和动觉。我相信作为一名见习护士;在模型中使用o8f所有的学习风格是有用的,主要是因为我的百分比遇到了所有的四种学习方法。从根本上说,我认为作为一名见习护士,我将会在实践中学习,所以动觉风格最适合我。虽然所有的学习方式都将被运用到我的理论和实践学习的不同方面,例如,我将使用视觉和听觉的学习方式,因为我将观察和倾听我的导师在实习。尽管如此,我认为整体而言,动觉学习方式将是最有价值的。rycroff - malone等人(2004)指出,护士被鼓励在实践中使用证据,但通常证据被解释为“研究”。研究可以定义为探索一个主题或理论,以发现新的想法或发展知识和方法,Pooler(2014)。作为一名见习护士,研究对我来说至关重要,因为可能有进一步的信息可以帮助改善服务。这对于支持照顾日益多样化的病人需求尤为重要。通过研究来帮助实践和反思,促进护理终身学习的承诺和文化(Bindon, 2017)。Adam和Drake(2006)指出,作为一名护士,循证实践对于做出正确的决定至关重要,并确保患者得到高质量的护理。作为一名第一年的实习护士,我认为在实习中坚持阅读和观察导师是很重要的。此外,保持最新的NMC, RCN和NHS新闻,政策和法规。此外,对自身实践的有益反思可以作为一种自我完善的工具,鼓励专业成长,潜在地改善患者的预后。(NHS, 2016;Johnson等,2014)。由于学生对自己的学习负有最终的责任,因此与导师建立关系并交流个人的学习需求是至关重要的,这样导师才能充分支持被辅导者的需求,促进他们的学习。还指出,持续的协作性反思、评估和评估提高了个人专业发展,增强了学习者的自信心,并有潜力改善病人的结果。
北美护理作业代写 终身学习
Another learning style which can help with lifelong learning is the VARK model, which was developed by Flemming in 1995. AlKhaswneh (2013) states there are four different learning styles: visual, auditory, reading and kinesthetic. I believe as a student nurse; it is useful to make use o8f all the learning styles in the model, mainly because my percentage encountered all the four learning methods. Fundamentally, I believe kinaesthetic style most applies to me as a student nurse as I will be learning in practice. Although all learning styles will be utilised in different aspects of my theoretical and practical learning, for example, I will use the visual and auditory learning style as I will be observing and listening to my mentor at placement. Nonetheless, I think that the kinesthetic learning style will be the most valuable overall, Rycrofft-Malone et al (2004) state that nurses are encouraged to use evidence in their practice, but generally evidence is interpreted as ‘research’. Research can be defined by the exploration into a subject or theory to find new ideas or to develop knowledge and methods, Pooler (2014). Research is essential to me as a student nurse because there may be further information that can help improve services. This is especially important to support the care given to an ever-diversifying range of patient needs.  Engaging in research to help practice and reflection, facilitates the commitments and culture of lifelong learning in nursing (Bindon, 2017).  Adam & Drake (2006) states that evidence-based practice is vital to making good decisions as a nurse and ensures patients are receiving good quality of care. As being a first-year student nurse, I believe it is important to keep reading and observe my mentor at practice. Furthermore, keep up to date with NMC, RCN and NHS news, policies and regulations.  Additionally, useful reflection on own practice serves as a self-improvement tool to encourage professional growth and potentially improves patient outcomes. (NHS, 2016; Johnson et al., 2014).As the student is ultimately responsible for their learning, it is essential that they form a relationship with mentors and communicate individual learning needs so that the mentor can adequately support their mentee’s needs and facilitate their learning. also states that continuous collaborative continuous collaborative reflection, evaluation and appraisals enhances individual professional development, empowers the learner by boosting their confidence and has the potential to improve patient outcomes.
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