北美市场学作业代写 哈罗德

2020-07-01 21:19

哈罗德以销售古驰和路易威登等一系列奢侈品牌而闻名,但哈罗德并没有自己特有的奢侈品产品或服务。这意味着,哈罗德的大部分收入可以回到单个品牌,比如古驰本身。另一个主要问题是,并非所有光顾哈罗德百货的顾客都一定要花钱购买这些产品,因为它们很贵。这说明哈罗德的主要消费者是富有的个人,低收入的消费者较少。机会:Harrods作为一个单一的商店经营,提供更高的排他性,但是Harrods有机会扩张并在海外开设更多的商店。例如,向中国等新兴经济体扩张可以帮助哈罗德增加客户基础,并有可能增加中国新兴中产阶级的销售额,这些人拥有更多的可支配收入(The Economist, 2014)。哈罗德还有其他机会,增加社交媒体曝光率,投资于可持续性,以提升品牌形象。从图2可以看出,2013年中国国民消费超过1500亿美元,这说明了他们对昂贵物品的喜好。不过,哈罗德面临的主要威胁是电子商务和在线卖家的增加,这些卖家运营成本较低,但有能力接触到世界各地的客户,这使他们比哈罗德更具竞争优势。较高的维护成本、培训成本和支付工资会导致哈罗德百货公司的成本上升,而在线卖家则可以避免这些成本。其他威胁还包括经济因素,如英国脱欧的不确定性和高通胀,这可能会影响哈罗德的未来。
北美市场学作业代写 哈罗德
Harrods is well known for selling range of luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but Harrods does not have their own specific luxury products or services. This means that majority of the revenues made by Harrods could go back to the individual brands such as Gucci itself. Another major issue is that not all customers that visit Harrods necessarily spend money to buy the products as they are expensive. This shows that Harrods main consumers are wealthy individuals and less of consumers with lower income. Opportunities: Harrods operates as a single store which provides higher exclusivity but there are opportunities for Harrods to expand and open more stores overseas. For example, expansion into emerging economies such as China can help Harrods to increase customer base and potentially increase sales from rising middle class individuals in China who have greater disposable income (The Economist, 2014). Other opportunities for Harrods are, to increase social media presence and invest in sustainability in order to improve brand image.Figure 2 shows, Chinese nationals spent over 150 billion in 2013 illustrating their taste for expensive items.Threats: The department stores industry is highly saturated however, the main threat to Harrods is increase in e-commerce and online sellers that have low operating costs but have the ability to reach customers world-wide giving them a competitive advantage over Harrods. Higher maintenance costs and costs of training and paying wages can lead to greater costs for Harrods as oppose to online sellers who can avoid these costs. Further other threats include of economic factors such as Brexit uncertainty and higher inflation which can potentially affect the future of Harrods.

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