北美管理学paper代写 更理性的展望

2020-06-04 05:19

很明显,“随着时间的推移,团队成员会形成行为价值观和信仰”。在实施的顺序,它可能是一个更理性的展望,由高峰管理不仅集中于合并的优势,但理解彻底提取的差异,合并协会。由于“美国企业在海外经营中的失败是由于缺乏针对特定国家的培训”(Gill 2012, 446),这项研究可以大量应用于发展跨文化商业决策程序。此外,董事会和最高行政人员可以在人力资源管理(人力资源管理)业务方面进行国别培训。合并就是将两个组织的最佳人才聚集在一个共同的领导下,目标是拥有一个共同的愿景、共享的文化和最佳实践。最后,PMI应该长时间超过三年,不仅可以产生空间普遍在上述跨文化问题上对决定气质也会打开了机会顺利转换,把肩上的沉重的工作负担的员工。一个深思熟虑的整合阶段可以通过花时间分析文化、沟通模式、工作方式、监督等来适应。此外,即使如此,戴姆勒-克莱斯勒试图通过强调管理装配和团队建设的属性,使合并执行,监管高管应该有足够的时间也保持其对汽车制造的关注,并在生产中保持和升级其标准。戴姆勒的工程技能和技术进步,可以与克莱斯勒的创新技能、产品开发速度和大胆的营销风格相辅相成。
北美管理学paper代写 更理性的展望
 It is evident that “over time, group members come behavior values, and beliefs ” (Schneider et al. 2014, 207). In sequence to execute it might have been a more rational outlook by the peak management to not only focus on the advantages of the merger but to apprehend the thorough extract of the dissimilarities between the merging association. Since “American business failures in foreign operations resulted from a lack of country-specific training” (Gill 2012, 446), this study could have been of massive application to evolve cross-cultural business-making procedures. Moreover, the board of directors and top executives could have implanted country-specific training in Human Recourses Management (HRM) operations. A merger is all about coming together of best talents of the two organizations under a common leadership which aims to have a common vision, shared culture, and best practices.Lastly, the PMI should have prolonged further than three years which not only could have yielded room for prevailing over the abovementioned cross-cultural issues with respect to decision makings but also would have unlatched the chance for a smooth transformation, putting away the heavy workload burden off the shoulders of the staffs. A deliberate integration phase might have been accommodating by taking time to analyze the culture, communication pattern, workstyle, supervision etc. In addition, even so, DaimlerChrysler attempted to make the merger perform by emphasizing on the governing assembly and team building properties, the regulatory executives should have permitted themselves enough time to also keep its focus on the car manufacturing and on sustaining and upgrading its standard within production. Daimler’s engineering skills and technological advances could be complemented with Chrysler’s skills for innovation, speed in product development and bold marketing style.
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