北美Business Strategy代写 制药公司

2020-08-06 10:00

北美Business Strategy代写 制药公司
Value preposition is an important aspect in business. A look at the current market has established that the industry of generic medicines has become extremely competitive and one must be creative to survive in the market. Our business has identified various competitive advantages that will make the company stand out. One of the main strategies is that the management team comprises of people who understand the pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and baby products based on their biological knowledge of drugs. It will be easier for a person to sell the products and at the same time give a brief description of the product to the customers in a language that will understand. The aim will be to establish an excellent customer relation and culture that will lead to long term cooperation. Our team will also be visiting the pharmaceutical production plant where we will be sourcing our drugs to ensure that we source our products from only companies that have state of art machineries. We also intend to employ freelancers who will make the drugs available to the customer on order without subjecting the client to travel to get the drugs. Becoming the most renowned retail pharmaceutical store that will provide high standard products in Puerto Rico Establishing a high class compounding pharmaceutical store providing drugs from top notch manufacturers at a fair price to Puerto Ricans; we want to build an outlet that will be ranked among top 20 companies in Puerto Rico.Our compounding Pharmacy will be built on a strong foundation. We will recruit only qualified personnel to undertake the different jobs in the company. We acknowledge all rules and regulations governing the industry. As such, we resolved to hire very experienced and qualified personnel for the organization leveraging on their skill and expertise in building success.We are not only seeking experienced applicants, but also honest and those who are ready to work towards a successful business for the benefit of all stake holders. These will be the job positions available for our Pharmacy Store.
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