美国艺术assignment代写 巴西文化

2020-07-21 05:38

了解了巴西的文化环境,在与他们打交道的时候,就会面临很多好机会。其中,与任何企业打交道都有很大的机会。因为巴西是一个以关系为基础的文化,所以很多协议极有可能是长期的,从而创造大量的利润。巴西在商业交往中提供了很多的灵活性,因为他们有很多的商业机会,但是如果不认真对待的话,这可能是一个负面的因素,因为很多机会在美国并不像在巴西那么简单。虽然巴西收获了很大的利益,但是美国发明家在巴西做生意可能会面临一些文化上的挑战,就是分享个人信息。意思是说,在美国,不可能有人在商业环境中分享个人信息,而在巴西,这被高度接受,因为他们将此作为建立长期商业关系的弹药。在与巴西人打交道的时候,也会有一种常见的烦躁感,因为他们最常迟到。巴西往往是非常非正式的,是时尚严格的,这意味着巴西人以外观为荣,并认为其他人也应该。 不过,只要调整得当,美国投资者可以在巴西社会中表现得很好。有一点需要考虑,那就是穿着打扮要给人留下深刻的印象。在巴西的商业世界里,他们会看到个人的外表,并对一个人的特点做出判断。在美国,这几乎是相似的,但这个国家本身往往对外表比较放松,注重工作本身。另一个这就是提前规划会议和日程,因为巴西的非正式性,当迟到的时候,会提前规划好。美国重视时间,往往会在会议前就去,而巴西他们往往也会取消会议。通过提前2-3周的时间安排,在确保事情按计划进行方面有很大的不同。
美国艺术assignment代写 巴西文化
With an understanding of the cultural environment of Brazil, there are many great opportunities one can face when dealing with them. One being, the great opportunity of having a great rapport with any business dealing. Because Brazil is a relationship-based culture, it is highly likely that many agreements can be long term thus creating a substantial amount of profitability. Brazil offers a lot of flexibility in a business interaction because of the many business opportunities they have, but it can be a negative if not taken seriously because many opportunities aren’t as simple in the United States as it is in Brazil. Although Brazil reaps great benefits, there are some cultural challenges an American inventor may face when doing business in Brazil is sharing personal information. Meaning that in the United States it is not likely for someone to share personal information in a business setting, whereas, in Brazil, it is highly accepted in the fact that they use that as ammunition into creating long term business relationships. There is also a common feeling of annoyance that one may portray when dealing with Brazilian business dealings because they are most often late to meetings. Brazil tends to be very informal and are fashion strict which means that Brazilians take pride in the appearance and believes that other people should too.However, with the right adjustments, American investors can conductwell in Brazilian society. One thing to take into consideration is to dress o impress. In the business world of Brazil, they see individuals appearance and make judgments about a person’s characteristics. In the US, it is almost similar, but the country itself tends to be more relaxed on appearance and focuses on the work itself. Another this is to plan meetings and schedules ahead of time because of Brazil’s informality when being late to a meeting. While the US values time and tends to go forth with a meeting, Brazil They tend to cancel meetings as well. By scheduling 2-3 weeks early makes a huge difference in making sure things go according to schedule.

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