Business Assignment代写:短期交易

2017-01-25 07:04

在我的策略对中日贸易,K线,MA和RSI大多使用三工具。K线可以指示价格走势、价格变化程度、支撑线和阻力线。然而,移动平均线,尤其是马不同时间范围的组合,在我的情况下,MA20、ma50,安培,可以预测的趋势是非常有用的,当线穿过另一。相对强弱指标,在我的14天,是一个动量指标特别是今后一个时期当RSI超过或高于某一高或低的点的变化预测。技术分析适用于一天的交易和短期交易的时间范围(1、1小时,4hs及1周)可能会发生相应的变化。 在我的策略,当上述三个指标与不同的时间范围都显示出相同的价格变化的迹象,这是一个很好的切入点的交易业务。

Business Assignment 代写 短期交易

In my strategies both for mid-term and day trade, K lines, MA and RSI are mostly used three tools. K lines could indicate the price trend, the degree of price changes, and supporting line and resistance line. However, moving average lines, especially the combination of MA with varied time ranges, in my case, MA20, MA50, MA150, could be very helpful in predicting the trend, when one line crosses another. Also relative strength index, 14 days in my case, is a momentum indicator forecasting the change in the next period especially when the RSI is over or above a certain high or low point. The technical analysis applies to both day trading and short-term trades for the time range (1min, 1hr, 4hs and 1wk) could be changed correspondingly.
In my strategy, when the above three indicators with various time ranges are all showing signs of the same price change, it is a good point to get in to the trading business.