北美心理学作业代写 背景音乐

2020-07-07 20:56

为了了解背景音乐对消费者行为的影响,本文提出了两项研究。研究1。在现实生活中,音乐是否会影响顾客的购买行为;在一家瑞典家用电器零售店。研究变量有音乐和没有音乐超过4天,顾客被要求填写一份问卷。这项研究对150名顾客进行了调查,其中85人为男性,65人为女性,平均年龄为44岁。这是在圣诞节期间进行的,因此音乐选择相应。本研究提出了四个假设。H 1。音乐会影响(a)快乐和(b)觉醒。H 2。音乐会影响店内消费时间和实际支出。H 3。音乐会影响(a)一般的接近/回避行为(b)与商店的享受(c)时间体验(d)与他人的接触(e)购买体验。H 4。消费者的愉悦和觉醒将预测(a)一般的接近/回避行为(b)与商店的享受,(c)时间体验,(d)与他人的接触,(e)购买体验。这说明性别在一般的方式和购买体验中起着重要的作用,因为女性顾客在没有音乐的环境中更平易近人。此外,在音乐环境下,男性顾客的购买量也有所增加。但是在联系客户方面没有明显的变化。这是一个直接对客户行为的研究,而不是科尼的实验室实验。研究II。这可以被认为是先前研究的延伸,在两种不同的音乐节奏和没有音乐作为变量和在常规的购物季节,不像圣诞节购物旺季。
北美心理学作业代写 背景音乐
To understand the influence of background music on consumer behavior two studies have been presented in this article. Study 1. If music affects the buying behavior of a customer in a real-life environment; in a Swedish home Electronics retail store. The variables of study being with music and without music over a period of 4 days and customers were given a questionnaire to fill. It was a study conducted on 150 customers of which 85 were male and 65 females with an average age of 44 years. This was conducted during the Christmas season hence the music was selected accordingly. Four hypotheses are developed for the study. H 1. Music will affect(a)pleasure and (b)arousal. H 2. Music will affect time spent in-store and actual spending. H 3. Music will affect(a)general approach/avoidance behavior, (b) enjoyment with the store, (c)time experience, (d)contact with others, (e)purchase experience. H 4. Pleasure and arousal of consumers will predict(a)general approach/avoidance behavior, (b)enjoyment with the store, (c) time experience, (d)contact with others, and(e)purchase experience. This shows that gender has an important role in the general approach and purchase experience as female customers are more approachable in no music environment. Also, the purchases of male customers have increased in a music environment. But there is no significant change in contacting the customers. This is a direct study on customer behavior compared to the laboratory experiment conducted by Konecni.Study II. This can be considered as an extension of the previous study with two different tempo of the music and no music as variables and during the regular shopping season, unlike the Christmas season when shopping is at peak.
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