美国伯克利作业代写 季风日记

2020-06-10 03:46

食物体验在激发记忆方面是有效的,因为它们涉及到多种感官体验的结合。大卫·萨顿认为,由于食物具有联觉属性——视觉、听觉、味觉、嗅觉和触觉,食物在触发记忆方面具有强大的作用。他声称,联觉让感官体验在人们之间被主动创造出来,而不是被动地记录下来。Pink认为,从现象学的角度来看,这种联觉体验有助于感觉位置的形成。[4]在她对威尔士一个小镇的“慢城市运动”的研究中,Pink认为地方的感官方面(在人们之间共享,比如农市、咖啡店和人们走过的地方的味道和气味)是“地方的构成”。Pink的反身现象学证明,与食物有关的感觉部位制造有助于挖掘包含“记忆现象”的不同层面。这支持了莎朗·麦克唐纳的说法,食物有能力把感官与体验的多个方面联系起来。[5]在印度侨民,食物的记忆作为怀旧渴望的对象,认为饮食是文化重要的仪式,相关的感官体验,后跟一个怀旧的渴望食物主要是一个临时的渴望回到目前不存在的世界。在印度家庭中,母亲、孩子和家庭生活的关系围绕着食物展开。除了美食本身是一件很棒的事情之外,食物的方式经常被浪漫化,而且在准备食物时性别角色的重要性也被美化。这在Uma Narayan的食物回忆录《季风日记》中反映为。
美国伯克利作业代写 季风日记
Food experiences are effectual in prompting remembrance since they involve a combination of multiple sensory experiences. David Sutton argues that food is powerful in triggering memory and because of its synesthetic attributes – sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. He claims that Synesthesia gives ways by which sensory experiences are actively created between people rather than passively registered. Such synesthetic experiences contribute to sensory placemaking from a phenomenological perspective according to Pink.[4]In her study about ‘Slow city movement’ in a Welsh town, Pink considers the sensory aspects of places (shared between people such as tastes and smells around the farmers’ markets and coffee shops and places where people walk through) as “constitutive of place”. Pink’s reflexive phenomenology proves that sensory placemaking in relation to food helps unearth various layers that encompass the ‘memory phenomenon’. This supports Sharon Macdonald’s claim that, food has the ability to sensorially link to multiple aspects of an experience.[5] In the Indian diaspora, food memories act as the object of nostalgic longing So, for a culture which considers eating as important as a ritual, the sensory experience followed by a nostalgic longing associated with food is primarily a temporary longing to travel back to a world which does not exist at present. In an Indian household, the relationship between mothers, children and domesticity orbits around food. Besides being a splendid gastronomic affair itself, foodways are often romanticized and the importance of gender roles in food preparations are glorified. This reflects in Uma Narayan’s food memoir Monsoon diary as。
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