美国音乐作业代写 音乐智能

2020-10-13 03:24

美国音乐作业代写 音乐智能
Additionally, the attributes of ‘Musical Intelligence’ are rhythm and beats. People who have powerful musical intelligence are good at patterns, rhythms and sounds. They have a strong understanding of music and are often good at musical composition and performance. The essential quality of musical intelligence is: singing and playing musical instruments, identifying musical patterns and musical tones easily, and efficient in thinking songs and melodies, and good grasping musical compositions, beats and notes. Most likely their career might be a musician, composer, singer or music teacher. Strengths for those individuals who are good in ‘Interpersonal Intelligence’: understanding and interacting with other people. These people are skilled at judging the other person’s emotions, interests, desires and expectations of those around them. They are capable of communicating verbally with others and proficient in nonverbal communication. They can observe the situation from different perspectives; they can build positive relations with others comfortably and are good at settling conflicts in groups. Some good career choices for them could be psychologist, philosopher, counsellor, salesperson or politician.‘Intrapersonal Intelligence’; individuals who are powerful in this type of intelligence, commonly are good at being conscious of their own sentimental elements, feelings, and interests. They have a tendency to enjoy self- reflection and reasoning, including daydreaming, exploring their relationships with others, and observing their particular strengths. The major aspects of this type of intelligence are: good at analyzing his or her positive and negative attitudes, they appreciate evaluating theories and ideas, they have exceptional self- awareness, and they certainly accept the basis of his or her own perceptions, motivations and feelings. Their professional opportunities could be a philosopher, theorist, scientist or writer.
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