北美护理作业代写 压疮的护理

2020-06-22 00:49

今年第四季度的回顾显示,长期护理的压疮没有恶化,也没有住院病人出现新的压疮。这里的每张床上都有一个充气床垫,这是这里的标准。一位住院医师在入院前出现压疮。回顾第四季度的回顾,很明显,这家机构正在支持它的使命声明,并非常好地照顾他们的居民。确保压疮不会发生或恶化的一种方法是教育CNA关于压疮的知识,这样他们可以提醒护士来评估病人的需要。非常重要的是,所有的员工,甚至是医疗支持人员,都要接受关于压疮的教育,以及要注意什么(REECE, R.(2017)。压疮是可以预防的,需要整个医疗保健团队的帮助(REECE, R.(2017)。压疮是由许多因素引起的,所以团队中的每个人都必须注意压疮的风险。我的解决方案是教育,甚至是医疗辅助人员。我们需要确保他们理解为什么病人需要重新定位的重要性,以及需要注意哪些迹象。他们可以在病人房间的白板上写下重新定位的时间以及下一次重新定位应该发生的时间。当他们明白了这一点,他们就能更好地注意到皮肤上的一个斑点,并通知护士她需要评估那个区域。早期发现的差别可能是几百美元或几十万美元。这篇文章收集了数据,并确定有压疮的患者在发育8周后就通过了(WHITE, K.(2017))。这是一个需要调查和预防的问题,以更好地服务我们的病人的需要。有证据表明,压疮、使用更多药物和住院时间更长之间存在相关性(Magri Bernardes, R., & Larcher Caliri, M. H.(2016))。让所有的医疗保健团队了解这个问题,可能会为病人、医院和长期护理机构节省数十万美元。
北美护理作业代写 压疮的护理
 The fourth quarter review of this year manifested that no pressure ulcer in the long-term care had gotten worse or any resident develop a new pressure ulcer. Every bed in the facility has an air mattress on it, that is the standard for this facility. One resident had a pressure ulcer which was manifested before admission. Reflecting on the fourth quarter review, it is apparent that this facility is backing up its mission statement and taking very good care of their residents. One way to make sure that pressure ulcers do not occur or get any worse if there is a pre-existing ulcer is to educate the CNA’s on pressure ulcers so that they can alert the nurse to come and assess the patient as needed. It is very important that all staff, even healthcare supportive staff, be educated about pressure ulcers and what to watch out for (REECE, R. (2017). Pressure ulcers can be prevented and need the help of the entire healthcare team (REECE, R. (2017). Pressure ulcers are caused by many factors so everyone on the team must be looking out for risks of pressure ulcers. My solution would be education, even down to the healthcare supportive staff. We need to make sure that they understand the importance of why patients need to be repositioned and what signs to watch for. They could write the time of repositioning on the white board in the patient’s room and the time the next repositioning should take place. When they understand this, they will be better equipped to notice a spot on the skin and notify the nurse that she needs to assess that area. Early detection can be the difference between a few hundred dollars a few hundred thousand. This article collected data and determined that patients that have developed pressure ulcers passed after eight weeks of development (WHITE, K. (2017). This is an issue that needs to be investigated and prevented to better serve our patient’s needs. There is evidence of a correlation between pressure ulcers, use of more drugs and longer hospital stays (Magri Bernardes, R., & Larcher Caliri, M. H. (2016). Educating all the healthcare team on this issue could possibly save patients, hospitals and long-term care facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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