澳洲墨尔本论文代写 生态友好

2020-02-11 12:13

澳洲墨尔本论文代写 生态友好
Some of the ways society can work together, even more, is major curbing in emissions if everyone takes time to change the little things we do day to day we can maintain an eco-friendlier environment. Using less heat and air-conditioning is a great way to conserve energy. If we drive less we save on gasoline, resulting in fewer emissions when purchasing a new car, it is best to look for cars with high gas mileage and low emissions you can also have the same results when choosing to carpool whenever possible. If society talks more to each other and educate each other on the harmful choices they make in their day to day choices than we can prevent the drastic irreversible changes that will happen in the next century.Global warming is just one of the major challenges society faces in this time through my research there is very little doubt that global warming will change our climate in the next hundred years. Earth is a planet in which it allows humans to live on because of its balance, unlike Venus, which is considered too hot or Mars considered too cold. But earth, the earth has balance it is never too cold in the winter time or too hot in the summer it knows how to balance it out just right for humanity. I thought it would be a great time to talk about global warming, especially with all the natural disasters happening around the world such as forest fires, the rise of water levels and hotter temperatures. The issues that surround global warming are the causes of global warming, how we as humans have the greatest influences related to global warming and all the possible solutions we as a society can do to better the climate. There is very little doubt that in the next century global warming will forever change our climate and not for the better. The issues regarding global warming have always revolved around natural and human influences these are the reasons we are where we are.
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