北美哲学教育作业代写 亚里士多德

2020-03-24 02:34

总的来说,亚里士多德的哲学和伦理学是非常重要的。许多理论家认为,亚里士多德创造了关于逻辑学的权威著作,即使它没有改变,也没有意义(Sgarbi, M. 2016)。然而,在今天的社会中,他的逻辑和伦理思想是许多哲学的核心。现代哲学家,Kent认为亚里士多德是他自己思想的核心基础,特别是他强调道德和美德,以及发展这些道德和美德所需要的租户(Sgarbi, M. 2016)。今天,我们根据学生的年龄来设计教育的方法、技术、材料和内容。很明显,今天的老师已经意识到,不同的年龄段需要不同的关注。亚里士多德时代的幼儿教育是父母的责任。然而,今天,这些年龄的孩子接受正规教育。亚里士多德认为教育是为所有人设计的,除了妇女和奴隶。在当今世界,教育的重点不是创造一个由统一的人组成的社会。现在,人们一致认为,学生有不同的技能、倾向或风格,最重要的是女性有一个选择。综上所述,我同意亚里士多德的哲学,通过我对蒙台梭利的研究和经验也被称为“自我教育”。玛丽亚·蒙台梭利博士和亚里士多德一样认为,对每个孩子的所有教育都是通过他们的感官进行的,结果是通过经验来学习。玛丽亚·蒙台梭利赞同亚里士多德的哲学,即智力中没有任何事物不是首先存在于感官中,亚里士多德说:“智力中没有任何事物不是首先在感官中发展起来的
北美哲学教育作业代写 亚里士多德
Overall it is clear that Aristotle’s philosophy and ethic has been very significant.  Many theorists state that Aristotle created the definitive work on logic and there is no sense of even changing it, although this has not changed (Sgarbi, M. 2016). However, in today’s society his ideas of logic and ethics are now central to many philosophies. Modern philosopher, Kent seen Aristotle as a core foundation for his own thinking, particularly as it placed such emphasis on ethics and virtue and the tenants that are required to develop these (Sgarbi, M. 2016). Today, we design our methods, techniques, materials and content of the education according to the ages of the student. It is clear that today’s teachers are aware of the fact that different age groups require different forms of attentions. The early childhood education in Aristotle’s time was the responsibility of the parents. However, today, formal education is carried out for the children of those ages.  Aristotle believed that education was designed for all the people except for the women and slaves. In today’s world, the focus of education is not to create a society of uniform people. Now, it is agreed that the students have different skills, tendencies or styles and most importantly women have a choice. To conclude this paper, I agree with Aristotle philosophy, by my studies and experience of Montessori also referred to as “Self Education”. Dr. Maria Montessori believes like Aristotle that all education of the individual comes to each child through their senses, Resulting in learning by experience. Maria Montessori agreed with Aristotle’s philosophy that there is nothing in the intellect that does not first exist in the senses Aristotle stated, “There is nothing in the intellect that was not first developed in the senses.
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