美国纽约犯罪学作业代写 性交易中的女性

2020-04-03 04:05

美国纽约犯罪学作业代写 性交易中的女性
 There is no specific group of people that are immune to human or sex trafficking although females make up over ninety per cent of those sold into the commercial sex trafficking industry worldwide One of the leading countries in receiving those trafficked through South American and Caribbean countries the United States has become a hub for the commercial sex trade. This is due to a lack of regulations on things like pornography and adult strip clubs that are rampant throughout the United States or simple at the flip of a phone to view.  With the immigration issue becoming more apparent as an issue in the United States southern border sex trafficking has become one of the most difficult crimes to identify because of the promise of a better life by those smugglers bringing them into the country.  Smugglers or traffickers will promise a victim a way out of a poorer country in South America and then use things like debt coercion to force them to work in the commercial sex industry to pay off the debt.  These debts to transport and house the victims during their escape to the United States can reach in the tens of thousands of dollars, which makes the victims have to work off their debts by force. The United States is a hub for the influx of countries from South America based on immigration and the promise of a better life for those individuals, but in the past few decades, it has become a recruiting ground for sex traffickers. Those who are most at risk in the United States for becoming victims of human traffickers are individuals that live in poverty, those involved with substance abuse, and people with mental issues.  This is especially prevalent in domestic ct rate of being exposed to sex traffickers and the sex industry (U.S. State Department, 2018).  One of the main problems researchers struggle with when studying domestic sex trafficking in the United States is the lack of standard data collecting on those victims that are exposed to the sex industry. Mostly women victims makeup over seventy per cent of those arrests involving prostitution in the country and are twice as likely to be involved in the commercial sex industry between the ages of fourteen to sixteen  While male victims make up a small portion of those exploited to sex trafficking it is still prevalent and a risk to young males who are living in poverty.
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