2019-01-17 22:51

在本研究中,我还将利用叙事探究(Clandinin & Connelly, 2000)来调查五名家长对私立幼儿设施中基于戏剧的幼儿课程的信念和态度。从社会建构主义的角度来看,我认为经验是重要的。Clandinin & Connelly还指出,在他们的三维框架中,经验对于研究参与者过去、现在和未来的环境如何影响他们对基于游戏的幼儿课程的信念和态度具有重要意义。关注叙事探究将帮助我理解父母是如何建立对基于游戏的幼儿课程的信念和态度的。这种独特的方式很有吸引力,因为它提供了让父母的声音被听到的机会。在理解他们的信仰和态度的游戏为主的幼儿课程,叙事研究将允许我探索他们的信仰和态度如何影响他们decsion参加或不参加设施,促进游戏为主的curriuculum以及这些信念和态度已经进化,通过他们的故事。本研究将采用叙事性深度访谈作为一种定性的数据收集方法,能够获得比调查丰富得多的信息。此外,访谈为研究者提供了一种澄清回答和验证参与者回答的方法。Cohen et al.(2000)提出,只有理解个体对周围世界的理解,才能理解个体的行为。因此,需要从处于这种特殊情况的行动者或人民的角度来解释有意义的社会行动。可以这么说,那些已经把孩子送到游戏幼儿园的家长,自然会比那些没有把孩子送到游戏幼儿园的家长更强烈地感受到这一点。
For the purpose of this study I will also be drawing on narrative inquiry (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000) to investigate five parents beliefs and attitudes towards a play -based early childhood curriculum within a privately owned early childhood facility. Coming from the social constructivist perspective, I believe that experiences are significant. Clandinin & Connelly also suggest experience is significant in their three dimensional framework for studying how the participants past, present and future contexts influence their beliefs and attitudes towards a play -based early childhood curriculum. Focusing on narrative inquiry will help me to underdtand how parents beliefs and attitudes towards a play-based early childhood curriculum have been established. This unique approach is attractive because it provides the opportunity for the parents’ voices to be heard. In understanding their beliefs and attitudes of a play-based early childhood curriculum, narrative inquiry will allow me to explore how their beliefs and attitudes affect their decsion to enroll or not in enroll in a facility that promotes a play-based curriuculum and how these beliefs and attitudes have evolved, through the stories that they share.This study will use the narrative in-depth interview as a qualitative data collection method, which can elicit far richer information than a survey. Further, interviews offer the researcher a means to clarify responses and validate participant responses. Cohen et al. (2000) posited that individual behaviors can only be understood by understanding individuals’ interpretations of the world around them. Therefore, meaningful social action needs to be interpreted from the point of view of the actors or the people who are in that particular situation. It can be said that parents who have already enrolled their child in a play-based preschool would naturally feel more strongly about it than parents who have not sent their child to a play-based preschool .