北美密歇根代写Assignment 发展的机会

2020-03-10 03:29

北美密歇根代写Assignment 发展的机会
Play can provide opportunities for growth and development regarding social and emotional domains, having play in the classroom and outside allows the children to play with others and develop a social system and a sense of self. When children play, they learn to turn and talk to one another, they also learn on how to follow the rules of the classroom and the playground. A must is how to handle winning and losing in a game. By the child engaging in these practices it will help the child have a sense of self control and a sense of one’s self. Play can be an outlet for the children to build their large muscles and their balancing skills. One of the main benefits of playing outside for children is having them work on their locomotor skills. These skills involve movement such as running, jumping, hopping, climbing and skipping. That is just to name a few. Children who have play in their daily routine will experience overall good health. By playing outside, this will give the child the opportunities to gain muscle strength and coordination. Were as if the child just wants to sit at home and play’s video games all day, this can lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle. It is important that children spend time playing outdoors with friends so they can experience cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits. It is also important for teachers to support and challenge children, by designing games and providing appropriate interventions for the children to interact with each other on the playground. By providing these interventions it will endure new possibilities for the children to experience. It is important to have a variety of equipment available for the children to play a specific sport. For an example, if the new intervention is to introduce tennis to the class. It is important to make sure that they have a tennis racquet and tennis balls for each child to use. By having all the supplies for this sport, the children can engage and have fun instead of fighting over just one or two tennis racquets.
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