洛杉矶护理学作业代写 健康促进

2020-03-04 03:09

健康促进的主要重点是鼓励和提高人们对如何改善或维持他们的健康和一般福祉的认识。在促进健康方面,必须采取全面的观点,审视个人的身体、智力、情感、社会、精神和环境健康。在爱尔兰,有几个关注关键问题的志愿组织。近年来,提高意识的运动和战略有所增加,其中包括2000/2005年的国家健康促进战略。公布这一战略的目的是促进健康,提高认识,教育老年人并向他们提供有关服务的建议。健康促进使老年人能够对自己的健康负责,并允许“活到老,学到老”的态度改变。健康促进是一项积极的战略,它试图提高老年人对与衰老有关的风险以及常见病症的迹象和症状的认识和教育。这是希望寻求早期干预,可能导致改善管理和改善疾病的预后。这已经通过一些活动完成了,比如为50岁以上的妇女提供免费乳房检查,这是一项为所有符合条件的妇女提供免费乳房x光检查的服务。这项服务的目的是通过在早期发现和治疗乳腺癌来预防死亡。另一项活动是肠筛查,这项服务为60 - 69岁的男性和女性提供免费的家庭检测。
洛杉矶护理学作业代写 健康促进
Health promotions key focus is to encourage and raise awareness to people of how to improve or maintain their health and general well-being. In health promotion it is necessary to take a holistic view and look at the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health of the individual. In Ireland there is several voluntary organisations that focus on the key issues. In recent years there has been an increase in awareness campaigns and strategy’s… this included The National Health Promotion Strategy 2000/2005. This strategy was published with the aim of promoting health, raising awareness, educating and advising older people of the services available to them. Health promotion enables the older person to take responsibility for their own health and to allow the attitude that ‘you are never too old to change’.Health promotion is a positive strategy, which is trying to create awareness and educate older people on risks associated with ageing and signs and symptoms of common conditions. This is with the hope of seeking early interventions which might lead to improved management and improved prognosis for illnesses. This has been done through several campaigns like the free breast check for woman over 50, this is a service which provides free mammograms to all eligible woman. The aim of this service is to prevent deaths from breast cancer by detecting and treating the disease at an early stage. Another campaign is Bowel Screen, this is a service which offers a free home test for men and woman aged 60 – 69. 
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