美国law assignment代写:道德行为准则

2019-12-09 02:39

根据《斯坦福哲学百科全书》(2009年,第4页),道德指的是一种理想的行为准则,在特定的条件下,所有理性的人都会优先拥护这种准则,而不是其他选择。然而,腐败是一个高度主观的问题,它取决于个人、文化、伦理、道德和宗教背景。一个人对腐败的认识也取决于他对腐败的认识和教育。因此,即使在“特定的条件”下,也很难定义一个“所有理性的人”都会遵守的理想的行为准则。在许多情况下,看似黑白的场景中有很大一部分是灰色的。道德是一个跨多种含义的术语(Miller et al, 2005)。它塑造了这个国家的文化、道德、伦理和宗教背景。尽管世界各地宗教信仰不同,但道德的核心是全人类共有的。宗教经文和古代哲学呼应着相似的信仰;我们应该“爱我们的邻居”和“照顾其他不幸的人”。因此,在任何国家,特别是缅甸和伊拉克,腐败的影响通常是可变的(Klitgaard, 2000)。通过消除腐败,我们正在创造价值。在现实中,为了取得进步,我们有时需要参与腐败。这种期望价值的一个重要组成部分是结果,这种价值将随处可见,那就是普遍主义。这些是高度廉洁和低腐败国家的基础。这个概念来自于帕森斯,并在实践中被解释为对适用于更大群体而不是少数人的原则的价值评估。从这些价值观中衍生出一种较低层次的规范,用以规范大社会中个体之间的关系。这些较低级别的准则包括在组织内雇用、解雇和升级人员时适用功绩原则;第一个com优先服务原则在索赔或索赔交付中的应用;在向公众提供服务时使用合理的标准,在计算权力的使用和其他方面的使用.
美国law assignment代写:道德行为准则
According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2009, p.4), morality refers to an ideal code of conduct, one which would be espoused in preference to alternatives by all rational people, under specified conditions”. However, corruption is a highly subjective matter which depends upon persons, cultural, ethical, moral and religious backgrounds. A perception of person regarding the corruption also depends upon their understanding and education of corruption. Hence, it is difficult to define an ideal code of conduct that “all rational people” will abide by, even under “specified conditions”. In many cases, the seemingly black and white scenario has large portions of grey. Morality is a term that spans many meanings (Miller et al, 2005). It is shaped the country’s cultural, moral, ethical and religious backgrounds. Despite religious diversity throughout the world, morality at its core is shared by all of human kind. Religious scriptures and ancient philosophy echo similar beliefs; that we should “love our neighbor” and “take care of others less fortunate”. Thus, these implications are commonly variable of corruptions in any country, specifically Myanmar and Iraq (Klitgaard, 2000). By removing corruption, we are creating value. In reality we sometimes need to partake in corruption in order to make progress.Just as important a component of this desired values outcomes, and the value that will be seen everywhere, is universalism. These are the foundations of countries with high level of integrity and low level of corruption. The concept is taken from Parsons and is interpreted in practical terms to mean valuing principles that apply to the larger group as opposed to select few. From these values is a derived lower level norm that regulates relationships among individuals in the larger society. These lower level norms include the application of the merit principle in the hiring, firing and promotion of personnel in organizations; the application of the first com first served principle in the making or delivery of claims; the use of rational criteria in delivering services to members of general public, in accounting for use of power and others
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