北美IT论文代写 智能手机

2020-02-17 00:28

北美IT论文代写 智能手机
Not all smartphone use is problematic, so there is a need to measure and compare psychological correlates with both objective and problematic use. In an attempt to understand how measures of anxiety, objective smartphone use, and problematic smartphone use relate, Rozgonjuk, Levine, Hall, and Elhai (2018) used the Moment app to track participants in their number of phone screen unlocks and time using their cell-phones. The researchers found that problematic smartphone use was positively related to average minutes of screen time—e.g., scores of problematic smartphone use increased as the average number of minutes of screen time also increased. There was not sufficient evidence to conclude that anxiety measures were positively related to average minutes of screen time, but the authors did conclude anxiety measures were positively related to the number of phone screen unlocks. Thus, cell-phones may be used for different reasons. One could infer that average number of minutes of screen time reflects social use, whereas phone screen unlocks could be related to non-social use. This largely implies that the way we use our cell-phones could have different implications on problematic smartphone use and, thus, psychological correlates.
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