美国伊利诺作业代写 领导力网格

2020-04-19 09:53

美国伊利诺作业代写 领导力网格
 During any working day I may use all four elements of the leadership grid. I would use telling for example in situations of high importance such as the example earlier with the contractual obligation to send all secondary care referrals electronically – this required precise firm instruction in the form of a one to one meeting followed by written instructions as to the process I expected the member of staff to follow and I carefully monitored the progress and outcomes, there was a lack of willingness on the team members part which required firm direction.An example of when I used selling was when we introduced electronic prescribing in the practice – the team were ready and eager to take on the challenge but lacked ability therefore I was on hand to explain and train staff face to face on the day of implementation alongside a step by step desk aid for the to follow. I remained on hand as and when needed and continue to be to this day to regularly directly assist staff when problems occur.I used a participating approach with the team when we were looking at changing our appointment rotas. I set time aside to hold a reception team meeting to specifically discuss ways we could change the system and encouraged the team to work together to suggest new ways of working and to suggest new ideas. The team were experts in the demand for appointments and understood the issues faced so were well placed to suggest new ways of working but needed leadership to ensure we stayed on track and to give the final go ahead and approval. I feel this is the style of leadership I use most often with the team in situations where there is no time pressure.
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