加州金融网课assignment代写 TLC的使命

2020-03-22 23:39

根据TLC的使命,愿景,价值观和现状。根据各因素对本组织生存的重要性,重新排列了关键的成功因素。地点是目前最迫切需要解决的问题,因为如此糟糕的地点很难吸引新学员,尤其是当组织想要发展其企业培训计划时(Pearson, 1991)。位置变得非常关键。公司或组织几乎不可能花很多时间在交通上接受培训服务。对他们来说,培训的质量和便利性同样重要。此外,糟糕的地理位置增加了营销团队向客户推广TLC的难度,因为一个好的地理位置有时可以表明一个组织的财务和专业的存在。从短期来看,组织可能会面临这样的情况,即其服务项目可能无法为下一年带来现金流,而其培训项目又不足以支撑组织的财务。在这种情况下,招聘一个营销团队对组织来说至关重要。他们可以为培训计划制定营销和推广策略,并利用新执行董事的关系兑现组织的声誉、培训能力和6名经验丰富的培训师。有了新的地点和营销团队,组织已经准备好迎接更多的新客户。如果组织能够谨慎地利用其在市场中的声誉和营销团队,那么组织就很容易与现有的和潜在的客户保持良好的关系。这样的话,口碑就可以很容易的传播出去,组织的知名度和吸引力也一定会在市场中上升。因此,培训计划将能够为TLC带来正的现金流。
加州金融网课assignment代写 TLC的使命
According to TLC’s mission, vision, values and its current situation. Critical Success Factors has been rearranged in the order basing on the importance of each factor to the survival of the organization.Location is the most urgent problem that needs to be solve at the moment because it is very difficult to attract new trainees with such a poor location, especially when the organization wants to develop its corporate training programs (Pearson, 1991). Location becomes critical. It is almost impossible for companies or organizations to spend a lot of time on transportation to receive training services. Convenience is as important as quality of training for them. Moreover, poor location increases the difficulty for marketing team to promote TLC to customers because a good location sometimes can indicate the financial and professional presence of an organization.From short-term aspect, the organization may face the situation that its service program may not bring cash flow for the next year, yet its training programs are not strong enough to financially carry the organization. In this situation, recruiting a marketing team becomes crucial for the organization. They can set up marketing and promotion strategies for training programs and take advantage of new Executive Director’s connections to cashing the organization’s reputation, training capability, and 6 experienced trainers.With a new location and a marketing team, the organization is ready to embrace more new customers. If the organization can carefully use its reputation in the market and its marketing team, it is easy for the organization to maintain a good relationship with current and potential customers. Thereafter, word-of-mouth can be easily spread, the reputation and attractiveness of the organization will certainly rise in the market. As a result, the training program will be able to bring positive cash flow to TLC.
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