北美生物学作业代写 实验数据

2020-07-27 20:03

这些数据与之前发表的实验数据非常吻合。之前的实验结果表明,在施加机械应力后,突变的果蝇已经瘫痪,这正是这次实验中所发生的情况,这为恢复提供了时间。原因是神经功能障碍减缓了大脑的思考过程,最终导致变异果蝇对刺激做出反应的时间变长,或者在实验中,反应时间变长。先前发表的数据还得出结论,突变果蝇比野生果蝇移动速度慢的原因是,突变果蝇的肌肉组织中发现了洞,使得它们很难像野生果蝇那样容易移动。这就是野生型果蝇比突变型果蝇移动速度更快的原因,使得突变型果蝇最后到达实验中的设置点(Celotto et al., 2006)。离群值可能是目前在这个实验中对许多不同的发生原因,一个是恶化的突变果蝇的肌肉和大脑尚未发育完全,使他们都跑得一样快,野生型果蝇甚至恢复那么快导致异常值。反过来也是一样的。苍蝇可能已经进入了它们的退化阶段,它们可能需要更长的时间来恢复或恢复它们的能动性,这显示了如此高的异常值的原因。
北美生物学作业代写 实验数据
The data fit well with previously published data that had been taken before this experiment. The results of the previously done experiment had stated that the mutated flies had become paralyzed after being administered the mechanical stress which is exactly what happened in this experiment which allowed for the time to recover to be taken. The reason for this was stated due to neural dysfunction that slows down the brains thinking processes which ultimately causes the mutated flies to take longer to respond to stimuli or in the experiments case, respond time. Previously published data also concluded that the reason why mutated flies move slower than the wildtype flies is because there are holes found in the muscle tissue of the mutated flies that make it harder for them to move as easily as the wildtype. This is what caused the wildtype flies to move at a faster speed than the mutated flies making the mutated flies the last to reach the set point in the experiment (Celotto et al., 2006). Outliers could have been present in this experiment for many different occurring reasons, one being that the deterioration of the mutated flies muscles and brain were not fully developed yet which would have caused them to both run as fast as the wildtype flies and even recover nearly as fast as them causing outliers. The same thing goes the other way as well. There may have been flies well into their deterioration stages and it may have taken them much longer to recover or regain their motility which shows the cause for such high outliers.
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