波士顿代写assignment 透明度

2020-02-15 02:25

波士顿代写assignment 透明度
This promotes the values of transparency, clarity and efficiency in Revenue’s communications to the public. Revenue utilises many media to communicate; websites, briefings, email, phone contact, Revenue-Online-Service (ROS), letters and forms, radio and television advertisements. This method of communication allows for the organisation to gain trust and to provide clarity to the receivers. It encourages engagement from the public. The ability of the organisation to engage effectively with its audience ensures effective voluntary compliance and self-assessment from taxpayers. In 2017, Ireland was the most effective country in the EU in which to pay business taxes and 4th most effective worldwide .For communication of corporate information, policy a  changes within the organisation, Revenue has a specific branch known as the Communications and Knowledge Management Branch. One specific responsibility for this unit is the management and administration of the main communications medium, RevNET. This is an Intranet within Revenue. It has a vast amount of information available to all staff. It allows staff to access operational procedures, legislation, policies and the corporate layout of senior management.

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