Arts Assignment代写:约会网站

2016-12-17 10:32

这项研究使用了一个模拟配置文件为基础的在线约会网站的背景。研究者设计了wix.com婚恋网站,一个网站提供网站设计服务。模拟约会网站是类似于传统的基于轮廓的约会网站如,个人需要创建个人简介、浏览他人资料搜索潜在的伴侣。唯一不同的是,模拟约会网站没有照片部分,在网上约会用户可以看到对方的图片。这样做的目的是进一步限制,能够提供线索,以避免混淆BPL程序(Aronson,et al.,1985)。

Arts Assignment代写:约会网站

The study used a mock-up profile-based online dating site as the context.  The researcher designed the dating sites on, a site that offers web-design services. The mock-up dating site was similar to traditional profile-based dating sites such as, where individuals need to create their personal profiles and search potential mates by browsing others profiles.  The only difference was that the mock-up dating site did not have a photo section, where online dating users can see each other in the picture.  This was done to further limit the cues that were able to be presented, in order to avoid confounding the BPL procedure (Aronson, et. al., 1985).

Seventy-four undergraduate students (male and female, age range: 18-24) attending Ohio University participated in the study and were randomly assigned into one of the two conditions.  Forty-one participants were assigned to the BPL condition, and thirty-seven participants were assigned to the control condition.  All participants were enrolled in strategic communication theory class and their participation offered them experiences of participating in an experiment exploring media psychology.