美国留学生作业代写 正确的材料

2020-03-12 00:03

Choosing the correct form of material and processes is one of the most important choices in a project; if you use the correct programs everything will follow and be consistent (New Process Fibre, 2017). Therefore I have selected the materials that I think will be beneficial to me and my concept, the resources that I will be using will be a range of fabrics samples as I think it is important to gain knowledge of each fabric therefore I will understand how each one responds; such as  how the fabric drapes, looks and feels. I would also like to look into the dyeing process as this is an area I enjoy; I have researched multiple ways in which I can develop in order to get the correct pattern I want, therefore swatches come hand in hand as I will then know how to dye reacts on the samples.Furthermore I will be using mannequins as the play a vital role in the manufacturing of garments. Mannequin mall (2016) reported that the use of a mannequin is very important as it allows you to use the human form as a reference therefore you can see how that particular garment looks, it also allows you to maintain the correct measurements and shape of the garment as you work along the process. Therefore I will make sure that my mannequin is the correct size with what I am working with and that I use it as a reference for my garments.In addition to this I will also be using software programmes such as Photoshop and illustrator. Programs such as these are used for multiple purposes such as CAD flats, spec sheets, Fashion illustrations and mood boards. I work best with an online sketchbook as a result I use these programs a lot as this is where I think my work excels and looks professional as all my pages are consistent. Furthermore they are efficient and are more sustainable. According to Hamstech (2017) ‘a good flair in Illustrator is a must needed skill to benefit the project’.
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